Wash U Graduate Program in Mathematics : M.A. in Statistics

General requirements: 24 units of coursework and a thesis. The minimum residence requirement is one full academic year of graduate study. A grade point average of "B" or better must be maintained in graduate course work.

Course requirements: The student must take (or have taken) the following courses in mathematics or their equivalents: 493-494 (probability and mathematical statistics), 429 (linear algebra), 439 (linear statistical models), and 475 (statistical computation). In the case that an equivalent course has been taken and also proficiency in the course material has been demonstrated, other 400-level and above electives may be substituted in consultation with the advisor.

Additional 400-level or higher electives will be chosen by the student in consultation with his or her advisor to make up the 24 units. Typically, at most two electives shall be chosen from outside the Mathematics Department. If not taken before, a course in C programming is strongly recommended but cannot be included among the courses used to satisfy the 24 units requirement.

Possible electives include:
MATH 404 Numerical Methods;
MATH 408 Nonparametric Statistics; (SO)
MATH 4111 Introduction to Analysis; (F)
Math 420 Experimental Design; (S)
MATH 434 Survival Analysis; (FO)
MATH 495 Stochastic Processes; (SO)
MATH 5061-62 Theory of Statistics I / II; (F)/(S)
MATH 523C Information Theory and Statistics (ESE 523); (FO)
MATH 551 - Advanced Probability I; (F)
MATH 552 - Advanced Probability II;
ASTAT 420 01 Categorical Data Analysis;
ASTAT 430 01 Multilevel Modeling (Poli Sci 4301);
ASTAT 440 01 Factor Analysis and Related Methods;
BIO 4181 Population Genetics;
BIOL 5483 01 Human Linkage and Association Analysis;
BIOL 5495 01 Computational Molecular Biology;
CSE 514A Data Mining;
MEC 670 - Seminar in Econometrics;
ESE 522 - Random Variables and Stochastic Processes II.

Please note: Not all courses are offered each year.
Courses are listed in numerical order. The letters in parentheses after the name of a course mean:

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