Math 141 - Accelerated Calculus I - Fall 2003

ROOM: Cupples II, Room 200
TIME: MTTF 9:00-10:00

INSTRUCTOR: Ilya Krishtal
OFFICE: 112A Cupples I
PHONE: (314)935-6785

GRADER: Li-Yang Tan


Course Schedule
Detailed (projected) syllabus and Homework Assignments
SEAT ASSIGNMENT (Find room and seat for final exam)
TEXTBOOK: Calculus, Early Transcendentals, 5th edition,  by James Stewart 

HOMEWORK: I expect that you carefully review on the textbook what has been explained during the lectures. I strongly recommend that you read material in advance in order to ask clarifying questions at the right time. Homework problems will be assigned to you at the end of each lecture. Even-numbered problems should be handed in for grading on the following Monday. Your homework is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR LEARNING PROCESS. The purpose of the homework problems is to allow you to verify your understanding, and work out some representative examples of what you will be asked to solve in class. Therefore, it is extremely important that you carefully work out the homework problems if you want to do well in the class. Please, notice that MANY OF THE EXAMS AND QUIZ PROBLEMS WILL BE either PICKED UP DIRECTLY FROM THE HOMEWORK PROBLEMS, or very similar to them.

EXAMINATIONS: There will be between 4 and 8 Thursday quizzes (about 15 min each) after completion of certain parts of the course. Questions will come directly from the homework problems. There will be THREE midterm exams on: Thursday, SEPTEMBER 18; Thursday, OCTOBER 16; Thursday, NOVEMBER 13. Exams will last for 2 hours, between 6:30 and 8:30 pm. The FINAL EXAM is on Friday, DECEMBER 19 from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm (THEY WILL NOT BE IN THE REGULAR CLASSROOM!)
GRADING: You will be allowed to drop the worst 2 homework scores (based on the persantage you got right). The homework average will count 25% towards the final grade. The quizzes will count 20% towards the final grade. Each midterm exam will count 10% and the final exam will count 25% towards the final grade. The final grade will be assigned according to the following scheme:

A: 89-100, B: 75-88, C: 63-74, D: 51-62, F: 0-50.

For those taking the course Pass/Fail, Pass will be equivalent to a grade D or better. It's possible that, at the end of the semester, the instructor may decide that it's appropriate to use a slightly more lenient scale or to make other changes benefiting students. It's certain that your grade will not be lower than that predicted by the above table.

MAKE-UP EXAMS: No make-ups exams will be given. Excused absences from any of these tests must be obtained from myself prior to the examination. Unexcused absence from an exam will result in a score of zero on that exam.
OFFICE HOURS: My office is in Cupples I, room 112 A. Office hours are Monday and Friday 11:30-12:30. You can certainly talk to me at other times. If you want to reach me or schedule an appointment, please, talk to me at the end of the class or contact me by e-mail at: If I'm unavailable for some reason, you contact your grader at He will try to provide you with all you need.
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