Focused Research Group on Hodge Theory, Moduli and Representation Theory: Workshop VIII

(Tentative) Schedule

Talks and discussions will be held in Cupples I, Room 199. Talks begin at the exact time posted. Click here for abstracts.

Wednesday, January 4:
        10:00-11:00 Robles     Characterization of Gross's CY variations of Hodge type by characteristic forms
        11:30-12:30 Brosnan     Perverse obstructions to flat regular compactifications
        2:00-5:00     discussion
Thursday, January 5:
        10:00-11:00 Lian     Period integral calculus
        11:30-12:30 Harder     Hodge numbers from differential equations
        2:00-5:00     discussion
Friday, January 6:
        9:30-10:30 Lian     The Riemann-Hilbert problem for period integrals
        11:00-12:00 Huang     Zero loci of derivatives of generalized hypergeometric functions
        2:00-5:00     discussion
        6:00-8:00     dinner
Saturday, January 7:
        9:30-10:30 Lian     The hyperplane conjecture for toric hypersurfaces
        11:00-12:00 Zhang     A generic global Torelli theorem for certain minimal surfaces of general type
        2:00-5:00     discussion
Sunday, January 8:
        9:30-10:30 Harder     Picard-Fuchs equations and Shimura subvarieties
        11:00-12:00 Schaffler     The KSBA compactification of the moduli space of D1,6-polarized Enriques surfaces

Please be aware that this is a working meeting for the FRG project. So, while the morning talks are open to public, the afternoon discussions will be attended only by the PIs, their students and post-docs, and the invited speakers.