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Applied Mathematics Papers



Expository Papers and Talks

How to give a good Colloquium Canadian Mathematical Society Notes Vol. 31 No. 5 [1999] 3-4 DVI   PS   PDF
A revision of this by Michele Audin Comment eviter les mauvais exposes de colloquium?

An entropy based approach to interpreting ultrasound signals - powerpoint slides
from presentation to St. Louis Machine Learning and Data Science Meetup, December 2015 PPT

Video of a lecture given at Banff International Research Station, August 2010

Matrix monotone functions of several variables - joint work with Jim Agler and Nicholas Young

Podcast:  Interview with Rebecca King January 2014

Mathematical Expository Papers:

  1. Aspects of non-commutative function theory (with Jim Agler) Concrete Operators, Vol. 3 [2016] 15-24 PDF
  2. The use of kernel functions in solving the Pick interpolation problem (with Jim Agler) In Handbook of Operator Theory  PDF
  3. Dirichlet Series (Snapshot of Modern Mathematics at Oberwolfach; 2014) PDF
  4. Shining Hilbert's lamp on the bidisk, in Lecture Notes of 2010 Valencia Winter School Contemporary Mathematics, AMS DVI   PDF
  5. What can Hilbert spaces tell us about bounded functions on the bidisk? (with Jim Agler) in Operator Theory Advances and Applications Vol. 207, Paul R. Halmos Memorial Volume Birkhauser, 2010 DVI   PDF
  6. Pick's theorem - what's the big deal? American Mathematical Monthly Vol. 110 No. 1 [2003] 36-45 DVI   PS   PDF
  7. On Pisier's construction of a polynomially bounded operator not similar to a contraction MSRI Preprint 1996-017 DVI   PS   PDF
  8. Interpolation in Operator Theory (1995) DVI   PS   PDF
  9. Calculating zeta(2k) from harmonic analysis (1992) DVI   PS   PDF


Unsolved Problems

Being a bear of very little brain, I fail to solve most problems that I attempt. From time to time I will write up some partial results, or a description of an open problem I find interesting.


Other writings


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