Several Complex Variables:Math 567, Spring 2012

Instructor           John E. McCarthy
Class                   MWF 3.00-4.00 in 216 Cupples I
Office                 105 Cupples I
Office Hours      MF 11:00-12:00, W 9:15 -10:00
Phone                 935-6753

Prerequisites The pre-requisites for the course are 5021-5022 and 5051-5052.

Interested students who are taking 5022 and 5052 concurrently are welcome.


 We shall cover the basic theory of holomorphic functions of several variables.
Historically, there have been five different approaches to their study, each one being useful
for different sorts of questions. These are methods of power series, integral kernels, sheaf theory,
d-bar, and operator theory. We shall try to give the flavor of all five methods.

Basis for Grading

Grades are based on attendance and class participation.


The following is a brief bibliography you may find useful.


R.C. Gunning      Introduction to holomorphic functions of several variables, Vols. I-III


L. Hormander     An introduction to complex analysis in several variables


S.G. Krantz       Function Theory of Several Complex Variables