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Math 128, August 27 2008

Meeting times and locations
Lecture: 9:00 - 10:00    Brown 100    Russ Woodroofe (Instructor)
Discussion A:    9:00 - 10:00 Eliot 103 Michael Deutsch (TA)
Discussion B:    10:00 - 11:00 Eliot 103 Michael Deutsch (TA)
Discussion D:    8:00 - 9:00 Eliot 103 Michael Deutsch (TA)

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Math 128 is Calculus II for students in the life sciences, business, and economics who wish a 1 or 2 semester introduction to the subject. I will discuss topics from the following: multivariate functions; techniques of integration; differential equations; sequences and series; and probability. When possible, I will illustrate these topics with applications from business, economics, and the life sciences.

Formally, the prerequisite is Math 127, or equivalent proficiency. Equivalent proficiency means that you have mastered taking derivatives, and know what the derivatives of a function tell you about the shape of its graph; and that you have seen definite and indefinite integrals and integration by substitution.

Instructor:Teaching Assistant:
  Russ Woodroofe  Michael Deutsch
  Cupples I 114  Lopata 323
  Office hours: W 3:00pm - 4:00pm,
                        Th 12:00pm - 1:00pm
  Office hours: T 1:00pm - 3:00pm
  russw at math,wustl,edu             mdeutsch at math,wustl,edu

Goldstein, Lay, Schneider and Asmar, Calculus and its Applications, 11th ed.
I will cover chapters 7-12, with some review of chapter 6.

Class Format
In Lectures, I will discuss new material from the textbook. The course schedule will give you an estimate of where I will be in the book on any given day, although I may run slightly ahead or behind. Please read the relevent section before coming to class.

In Discussion Section you will do and discuss problems. Bring questions you may have.

Your regular attendance is expected in both Lecture and Discussion Section.

Assignments and Exams
Weekly problem sets will be graded on the WeBWorK system.
In addition, problems for each section are assigned on the course schedule. I will not collect these. Working them, on your own or with your classmates, may help you greatly.
There will be occasional quizzes in lectures and/or discussion section. I will not give makeup quizzes, although I will drop the lowest score.

Math 128 will have 3 evening midterm exams and a final. See the course schedule.

Exam Policies
You may bring a 3x5 card to all exams as a cheat sheet.
Graphing and programmable calculators are not permitted on exams. You may use a simple calculator, but exam problems will not require one.

Exam Absences
The exam dates were set by the University well in advance, and you are expected to attend them at their scheduled time. If you are away due to a university sporting event, then you may arrange for your coach to administer the exam. Excused absences may be granted in case of severe illness, bereavement, or other extraordinary circumstances. All excused absences must be approved by Professor Blake Thornton.

Your course grade will be determined from the following components:
Midterm exams        15% each
Final exam25%

Class attendance and participation may be used to decide border cases.

The grading scheme will not be stricter than the following:
80-89        B
If you are taking the course Pass/Fail, you need to do the equivalent of C- work to pass.

Help Resources
There are a number of resources you can draw upon to help you succeed in the course.

First: you should seek out myself or Michael in office hours.
We are also happy to meet outside of office hours. You can stop by my office in room 114 of Cupples I; or, better, you can email myself or Mike to make an appointment.

There are also a variety of other resources available: a Calculus Help Room and mentoring at Cornerstore. See for details.

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