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Math 493, Fall 2011

Thurday, December 22

The final exams are now graded, and the grades are in Telesis. Mean=30.5, median=32. The course total is also available (it is 25% midterm, 30% homework, and 45% final, all scaled appropriately), as are letter grades.
Solutions for the final are also posted, for those interested.

Tuesday, December 20

Please write with (black/dark blue) pen or dark pencil for scanning purposes.

Monday, December 19

I understand that proctoring arrangements for Math 493 seem to have fallen through. I apologize sincerely for the extra stress this has caused you.

In order to make the best of the situation, I ask that you take the exam (linked) as a take-home. The exam conditions have not changed -- time yourself for 2 hours in a quiet place, and solve the problems without the use of calculators, notes, or internet resources. You will need to print the attached pdf file, and will likely want 2-3 pages for scratch work.

At the end of the 2 hours, please either
A) hand your exam, including the signed statement on the cover page, in to the math office, _or_
B) scan your exam, including the signed statement on the cover page, and email it to me ( I prefer a pdf file at a 400 or 600 dpi resolution.

Please have it either handed in to the math office or scanned and emailed to me by 5:00pm Wednesday 12/21 (St. Louis time).

Those of you who have taken the exam already (early or through Cornerstone) can disregard.

Friday, December 16

Solutions for the Fall 2010 final and midterm 2 are now posted. Looking at the T/F answers is particular recommended.

Tuesday, December 13

I'll make a point of being on my email during the set hours of 10am - 12pm on Friday and Sunday. For now, I'm not setting specific hours for Saturday, but I will be on and responding to email several times throughout the day.

Wednesday, December 7

The promised topics list is also now available.
The schedule has also been updated through the end of the course.

Wednesday, December 7

You can find the final from last semester here, and the 2nd midterm from last semester here. Not all of the questions are about material that we've covered this semester. The T/F look mostly ok to me, as do 3 and 4 from the final and 3 from the midterm.

Friday, December 2

The final homework is posted. It is due the last day of class, Friday Dec 9. It will be accepted without penalty in the math department office by close of business on Monday Dec 12.

I'll be holding an office hour on Thursday Dec 8 from 4-6pm for last minute homework questions. (I'll also be available after class on Monday and Wednesday.)

Sunday, November 20

The new homework is up. Per popular request, it is due the Wednesday after Thanksgiving break. I'll be holding an office hour on Tuesday Nov 29 from 4-6pm for last minute homework questions.

As announced in class, I'm keeping my office hours as "by appointment", plus special office hours scheduled before homework due-dates, etc. After class is usually a particularly good time to buttonhole me with questions, and you're welcome to stop by my office anytime (but email and make arrangements if you want to guarantee that I'll be there).

Please note that the last homework will be due on Friday Dec 9, the last day of class.

Thursday, November 17

I've added to this page a schedule of topics covered since the midterm. (Linked at left).
Expect a new homework to be posted by this weekend, to be due after Thanksgiving break.

Friday, November 4

I don't have access to Professor Sawyer's 493 webpage, so I've put up this webpage as a place to post homework problems, etc.
The first homework is linked at left.

My information is:
Russ Woodroofe
russw :at: math -dot- wustl -dot- edu
Cupples I Room 202

Last modified December 23, 2011