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Math 131, Spring 2009

Sunday, May 3

Your exam grades (both parts) are now on telesis.
I have no interpretation for the numbers at this time, but since the parts were already available separately, I see no reason not to post the numbers.

Updated: Solutions are now available.

Monday, April 27

1. As discussed in class on Friday, my office hours for this week will be Tuesday and Wednesday 1-3pm. I'm also happy to meet at other times -- drop me an email suggesting a time.
2. Per request, solutions to Exam 3 are available.

Thursday, April 23

Worksheet 3 is available, as discussed today in section.

Wednesday, April 22

The calculus help room will be open during finals week: its hours are posted here.

Wednesday, April 15

My office hours tomorrow (Thursday, April 16) will be cancelled, as I'll be out of town. I'll also be out of town Friday morning -- Baili will be telling you about definite integrals.

Friday, Apr 3

I will have an extra office hour on Monday, 5-7pm, to answer any questions you may have before the exam.
Exam 2 will cover material starting with inverse functions and their derivatives, and up to applied optimization. (l'Hopital will not be included on the exam.)

The recent quizzes are: Quiz 7, Quiz 8, and Quiz 9. Baili also has solutions posted on his page, linked at left.
The web page to look up your seat is once again here. As usual, the page will only work on Tuesday.

Friday, March 13

The solutions to Exam 2 have been posted.

Saturday, February 28

Due to a scheduling conflict, I've moved my office hours on Monday to 5-7pm. (I've also sent out an email about this.)
Once more, Exam 2 will cover material starting with the IVT, and up to inverse functions and their derivatives. (Thus, the first topic not included is the logarithmic differentiation covered friday.)

The quizzes we've had recently are posted as follows: Quiz 4, Quiz 5, and Quiz 6. Baili also has solutions posted on his page, linked at left.
The web page to look up your seat is once again here. As usual, the page will only work on Tuesday.

Monday, February 23

I have been shockingly slow to post handouts here. I hereby make up for it, with
1. The Trigonometry review handout, handed out Feb 16.
2. The Exponentials and Logarithms review handout, handed out Feb 18.
3. Worksheet 2, handed out today.

The quiz this Thursday is likely to have a problem similar to one of the worksheet problems.

Monday, February 9

The solutions to Exam 1 have been posted.

Monday, February 2

Look up your seat here tomorrow. (The link will only work on the day of the exam!)

Thursday, January 29

1. Quiz 3 is available for download.
2. Old calculus exams are available at Scroll down to the Math 131 section.
3. As mentioned in class Wednesday, I've scheduled an extra office hour Monday 2-4pm, before the exam.

Friday, January 23

As promised, I am making available a worksheet with some exercises about the limit definition. The quiz this week will consist of 2 problems similar to the worksheet ones. I won't be collecting the worksheet, but Baili and I would both be happy to discuss problems in office hours this week.
Webwork #2, due next Friday, is also online. (The first typo in problem 5, which I wrote, was found and fixed already.) At 5 problems, it is very short, to give you more time to think about limit definitions and bounds.

Also, I am setting my office hours permanently: Tuesday 1-2pm, and Thursday 1:30-2:30pm. (And by appointment.) I have updated the syllabus with this information.

Wednesday, January 21

The upper bounds handout from class today is available for download.
Also, I had Baili's office hours down incorrectly in the syllabus. His afternoon office hours starts at 1:00pm, rather than 12:00pm.

Friday, January 16

Webwork #1 is now available (see also the link at left). It is due next Friday, "in class", that is, at 9:00am. At 20 problems, it's slightly long, so make sure you get started in plenty of time!

Baili has posted the solutions to Quiz 1 on his website.

Wednesday, January 14

The Grapher demonstration from class today is now available for download. Right-click or ctrl-click on the link, and choose "Download linked file".

If you added the course after Monday, you'll need to email me (Russ) to be added to Webwork.

Monday, January 12

Welcome to Math 131! The Syllabus and Schedule are linked at the left, as well as Webwork, the math department's online homework system.

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