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Math 430, Spring 2009

Thursday, April 30

I posted some suggested problems on Galois theory on the homework page. Do as many as hold your interest, or as you need to gain some comfort with Galois groups.

I will hold office hours Monday, 1pm - 3pm. As usual, I'm also very happy to meet by appointment.

Tuesday, April 28

A brief list of topics for the final exam is available. The course schedule (linked at left) also covers through the end of the semester.

My office hours over the coming days are: Wednesday (tomorrow) 1-3pm, and Monday 5/4 1 - 3pm. Remember that the exam is Wednesday 5/6, 10:30am - 12:30pm, in our usual room.

By the weekend I'll have a short list of practice problems on the last week of class. I'm not going to collect these, but doing them will help you on the exam.

Saturday, March 28

In addition to the notes from yesterday, a brief list of topics for Exam 2 is here.

Friday, March 27

The notes on UFDs, the Eisenstein Criterion, and face rings are now available.

Wednesday, March 25

A new homework is up, due next Friday. Since it's an exam week, I intend it to be very short and straightforward.

Friday, March 6

Igor Konfisakhar (mangled email address ikonfisa AT wustl,edu) has asked me to inform you that he's available for paid tutoring. Could be a good opportunity if you want to brush up over break. Please email him for details.

Wednesday, March 4

I've posted the notes on Zorn's Lemma and Maximal Ideals, along with a new homework due after spring break.
It's my intention that this homework be relatively easy, and that it should not interfere with taking a refreshing spring break!

Tuesday, February 24

I've posted some notes on the conjugacy classes of elements in Sn, as well as on our construction of the sign homomorphism via directed graphs.
Also: a minor correction on the homework. I forgot the word "nonabelian" in conjunction with simple groups. Cyclic groups of prime order are simple, but not as interesting as the nonabelian simple groups!

Saturday, February 14

I've posted a list of topics for Exam 1, in honor of St. Valentine's abiding interest in group theory.
Also, I've written solutions for several problems on the homework. (Some of these we'd more informally discussed in class.) See the link at left.
I'm happy to discuss solutions for other homework problems in office hours, and if there are a lot of questions about one or more I'll consider writing additional solutions.

Wednesday, February 11

Homework set #5 is now posted. In recognition that we have an exam next week, I've made this one slightly shorter and much more straightforward/computational than the previous few homework sets. Also, I'll be collecting it on Friday, instead of Wednesday. Nonetheless, I recommend that you work seriously on it this weekend, since the material will be covered on the exam.
I've also posted a Solution to p53 #1 (from last week), which I understand some of you found a little difficult.

Friday, January 30

As promised, the handouts on the subgroup lattice of C12 and S4 are available in PDF format. Please let me know if you have trouble reading these.
Homework set #3 was posted Wednesday night, as discussed in class.

Monday, January 26

My office hours will be Tuesday 1-2pm and Thursday 1:30-2:30pm on an ongoing basis. I've updated the syllabus.
Also, the handout on the number of isomorphism classes of finite groups of orders up to 354 is here.

Wednesday, January 21

Homework set #2 has been posted.
Also, the subgroup lattice of C12 and S4, as handed out in class, are available for download (in postscript format).

Finally, I've made solutions available for some homework questions that multiple people asked me about. See the link at left.

Wednesday, January 14

Homework set #1 has been posted. Please use the link at left.

Monday, January 12

Welcome to Math 430! The Syllabus and Schedule are linked at the left.

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