Reviewing for Math 2200 Exam 3

This informal document is intended to help you study, and inform you of additional resources that are available. I don't guarantee that it is complete -- please inform me if you feel something important is missing.

Make sure you know in what circumstances you apply each test!

Main topics

Finding practice problems

First: you should do the suggested problems from the schedule! More than half of the exam will be taken directly from the suggested problems, so working these is the best thing you can do to study. This will be especially true on Exam 3.

Next: you may want to look at the old exams. Do this less because they're such good practice problems, and more to get a sense of what a multiple-choice statistics exam might look like, or at least has looked in the past.

If you still want more, then:
If you're using the book, it has a lot of problems in it that were not assigned, and almost all of them are appropriate and worthwhile to think about.
If you're using MyStatLab, then there is a link at left from the main page: "STUDY PLAN". This will take you to additional practice problems. As usual, MyStatLab will tell you if you've done them correctly.
(Please note that you can also browse the textbook online in MyStatLab by following the "Chapter Contents" link from the main page, and look at the problems in the textbook, etc.)

Getting help

I will (personally) be holding a review session at a time and place TBA (but most likely Monday 8-10pm someplace). Come with thoughtful questions, or come to listen to the thoughtful questions of your peers.
I'll have my usual office hours Tuesday 12 - 2 PM.
I'll have some limited availability other times Monday and Tuesday afternoons for appointments. Akshay will unfortunately not be available this time around, although he will answer emailed questions about the homework or other topics. Email either of us (or stop by my office) to make an appointment and come talk.