MyStatLab registration instructions (from Pearson)

MyMathLab/MyStatLab is an interactive website where you can:

MyStatLab is optional in Math 2200.

Before You Begin:

To register for MyMathLab you will need:

Student Registration:

Once your registration is complete, you will see a Confirmation screen (this information will also be emailed to you). Simply print your confirmation (remember to write down your login name and password) and you are now ready to Log in and access your resources!

Logging In:

The first time you enter your course from your own computer and anytime you use a new computer, click the Installation Wizard or Browser Check on the Announcements page. (Editorial note: you shouldn't need any extra software on your machine besides a web browser with flash support. Let me know if this is not the case. It's good computing practice to be careful about who you allow to install plug-ins on your machine!) After completing the installation process and closing the wizard you will be on your course home page and ready to explore your MyMathLab resources!

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