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Math 494, Spring 2011

Thursday, May 12

Final grades are posted.
A note about how I handled homework grades: I dropped your lowest nonzero score, then rescaled them to be between 20 and 100. (The latter step raises everyones homework grade by a factor.)
Have a great summer!

Sunday, May 8

I'll be in my office tomorrow (Monday) 12:00pm - 1:30pm, if you have brief last minute questions.

Friday, May 6

One more note that I've gotten a lot of questions about: Yes, you can bring one 8.5x11 sheet of notes (both sides) into the final. (But no other books, notes, or calculators. And certainly not Wolfram Alpha! :-) )

Friday, May 6

Also, the last homework is now graded. I've left them in a box outside my door, so that you can pick them up anytime the building is open, whether or not I'm around. (I believe that the building will even be open over the weekend.)

Friday, May 6

I've posted some notes on the proof of the CLT for medians, as worked out on the last two days of class.
Please note that the unassigned exercises in the text are for your edification and interest, but are not necessarily especially recommended for exam study.

Monday, May 2

The solutions to Exam 2 are also now posted.

Monday, May 2

A list of topics covered since Exam 2 is now available.

Saturday, April 30

Exam week office hours will be M 1-3, Th 2-4, F 2-4.
A few practice problems on 2-parameter likelihood are posted.
I'll have the schedule updated and a list of topics since the last exam posted sometime on Monday.

Wednesday, April 27

Friday's class will be moved to the Lab Sciences building, room 250.

Monday, April 25

I've posted some terse notes on the (R4) material Dr. Kabe Moen lectured on.

Friday, April 22

Washington University course evaluations are now up.

Monday, April 18

For the homework: on 6.2.6, please do part (a) and all necessary computations. You can skip part (b).

Answers to T/F for the exam: TFFFTFFT

Tuesday, April 5

Comments and corrections for the exam will go in this entry -- check back for updates.
     1e: assume the unknown distribution is for a continuous random variable.
     1g: the sample may have any size.
     2: the parameter is the expected value \mu, not the alternative parametrization \lambda = 1 / \mu that we sometimes work with.      2c: please find intervals for both p = 1/2 and p = 1/e.
     2c: the exclamation point is for emphasis, and is not a factorial.
     3: find mles for theta.

Monday, April 4

Exam 2 is now posted.

Sunday, April 3

Laurie Snell recently died, according to his obituary. Snell was one of the coauthors of Introduction to Probability, the text from Math 493 this past fall.

Friday, April 1

A brief informal topics list is now posted. (As usual, it is only a starting point for your studying.)

Wednesday, March 30

I'll be having an informal office hours on Sunday from 4-5pm, for last minute pre-exam questions.

Thursday, March 24

Homework 7 is posted.
Since I'll be out of town next week, my office hours are cancelled. However, Homework 7 is shorter than usual (5 problems), and will be due on Friday. I'll still be available by email.
I recommend using the extra time to study for the exam!

Wednesday, March 9

The exam solutions are now posted.

Wednesday, March 9

I will accept the homework on Friday.

Saturday, March 5

It has been pointed out to me that there is an error in the answer in the back of the book to 6.1.5 (b) and (c).

Sunday, February 27

The promised notes on the chi-squared independence statistic are now posted.

Tuesday, February 22

On 1h, X and Y are independent random variables.
On 3a, X and Z are independent random variables, and sigma is not 1.

On 2b, you can provide a 95% (or any other reasonable level) confidence level, there's no need to find a general formula for all confidence levels.

Please feel free to cite Wikipedia for basic calculus facts. (Statistics and probability theorems not proved or stated as facts in class should be proved, however.)

Reserved times for today (tuesday) afternoon are 2:00-3:00 pm, 4:00-5:00pm.

Monday, February 21

Exam 1 is available. Please hand it in in-class Wednesday -- if you will miss class for some reason, you may hand it in at my office (slip it under my door if I'm not there) by 1pm on Wednesday.

If anything is not clear, please email to ask for clarification.
I'll also have some availability Tuesday afternoon for brief (15 minute) one-on-one meetings.

Friday, February 18

A topics list is now posted. I wish you fruitful studying this weekend.

Wednesday, February 9

I've set my office hours permanently for Tueday, 2 - 5pm. If you want to meet in person on Tuesdays, I do ask that you make an effort to come in during that time.
Other good times/ways to ask questions are after class MWF, and by email.

Tuesday, February 1

Per the email I sent out this morning, office hours are cancelled today, and the homework due-date is moved to Friday. I had hoped to make it in anyway, in case anyone stopped in, but have determined that the weather does not allow.
Stay warm, stay safe, and study hard!

Monday, January 17

Welcome to Math 494! The Syllabus and Schedule are linked at the left.

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