Math 2803:
Foundation of Mathematical Proof

Spring 2014

General Course Information

Professor: Brett D. Wick Class Meeting Time: MWF 10:05am - 10:55am

Lecture Location: Skiles 154

Course Content: Math 2803 is an introduction to proofs in advanced mathematics, and is intended as a transition to upper division courses, including Math 4107, 4150 and 4317. Topics covered include: Fundamentals of mathematical abstraction including sets, logic, equivalence relations, and functions. Thorough development of the basic proof techniques: direct, contrapositive, existence, contradiction, and induction. Introduction to proofs in analysis and algebra. A prerequisite for the course is Math 1502.

A syllabus for the course is available the first day, and then here.

Credit: Successful completion of Math 2803–WIC will replace Math 2406 as the prerequisite for Math 4107, Math 4317, and Math 4150. Together with Math 4305, Math 2803–WIC will serve as a prerequisite for Math 4347. Math 2803–WIC can be substituted for MATH 2406 in BS MATH/DMTH curriculum. Students will not receive graduation credit for both Math 2803–WIC and Math 2406. Math 2803–WIC does not count as an upper level Math Elective course in the BS MATH curriculum. For any further questions, concerns, or clarifications, please contact Dr. Enid Steinbart, the SoM Director of Advising and Assessment.

Textbook: Chartrand, Polimeni and Zhang's Mathematical Proofs: A Transition to Advanced Mathematics, 3rd edition by Pearson.

Attendance: Attendance is required for all lectures. The student who misses a class meeting is responsible for any assignments and/or announcements made. Office hours will not be utilized to re-teach material presented in class. There will be no opportunities for make-up tests after the fact. In the event of an absence due to travel representing Georgia Tech, such as an intercollegiate sports competition, you must notify the professor at least two weeks in advance to arrange an early test or other alternative. Otherwise, such absences will be treated as personal.

Homework: This course will have daily homework assignments that are collected the following week. I reserve the right to have homework assignments due during "Dead Week". There will additionally be in class homework assignements (either announced or unannounced).

Exams: Dates of exams are: Exams will be held in the lecture meeting room.

Grade Computation Computation of your course grade is explained in detail on the syllabus. The usual ten-point scale will be used (A: 90-100, B: 80-89, C: 70-79, D: 60-69, F: 0-59), however, if necessary, adjustments will be made to arrive at a standard grade distribution for the course. On an individual basis, significant improvement over the semester will be taken into account.

Learning Disabilities: It is the right of any student with a certified learning disability to request necessary accommodation. Such requests must be made well in advance of the time that the accommodation is required and a letter of documentation from the ADAPTS office must be presented at the time of any request.

Academic Honesty: It is expected that all students are aware of their individual responsibilities under the Georgia Tech Academic Honor Code, which will be strictly adhered to in this class. Any violations must be reported directly to the Dean of Students.
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