Math 4317:
Analysis I

Fall 2012

General Course Information

Professor: Brett D. Wick
Class Meeting Time: TTH 12:05pm - 1:25pm

Lecture Location: Skiles 170

Course Content: Math 4317 is an introduction to undergraduate real analysis. Topics covered include: the real numbers, topology of Euclidean spaces, Cauchy sequences, completeness, continuity and compactness, uniform continuity, series of functions, Fourier series.

Prerequisites for the course are Math 2406 (Abstract Vector Spaces) or consent of the School.

A syllabus for the course is available the first day, and then here.

Textbook: The textbook will be: Homework: This course will have regular homework which will be collected one week after assignment. Late homework will not be accepted. A subset of the assigned problems will be selected for grading. Solutions must meet the formatting requirements below. Illegible and/or unintelligible solutions will receive no credit. Collaboration is allowed (and even encouraged) when working on homework problems. However, solutions must adhere to the following content guidelines. Any solution which violates the content guidelines will receive no credit. Flagrant or repeated violations will be dealt with as a matter of academic integrity.

Exams: This course will have two mid-term exams, and a comprehensive final exam. The exams for the course will tentatively take place on: Attendance: Regular attendance is expected for all lectures. The student who misses a class meeting is responsible for any assignments and/or announcements made. Office hours will not be utilized to re-teach material presented in class. However, questions to better understand the course are always welcome. In the event of an absence that will impact your ability to complete your assignments due to travel representing Georgia Tech, you must notify the professor at least two weeks in advance to arrange an early test or other alternative. In general make up exams will not be given except in the case of a documented medical emergency or travel to represent Georgia Tech.

Learning Disabilities: It is the right of any student with a certified learning disability to request necessary accommodation. Such requests must be made well in advance of the time that the accommodation is required and a letter of documentation from the ADAPTS office must be presented at the time of any request.

Academic Honesty: It is expected that all students are aware of their individual responsibilities under the Georgia Tech Academic Honor Code, which will be strictly adhered to in this class.

Homework Assignments
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