Math 5031, Algebra I

Fall 2017



Instructor:       David Wright

                                    Office:  Room 206, Cupples I

                                    Phone:  935-6781 (office)



Office Hours:              MW 3:10-4:00


Class Meetings:    MWF 2:00-3:00 in Eads 216


Text:   Algebra, Revised Third Edition (2002) by Serge Lang


Prerequisites:  We assume basic familiarity with vector spaces, groups, rings, and fields, essentially the material covered in Math 429-430.


Content:  This course is a study of the basic structures and methods of modern abstract algebra.  It will present a detailed survey of group theory, including the Sylow theorems, solvability, and the structure of finitely generated Abelian groups; the theory of rings, including unique factorization, polynomial and power series rings, and Noetherian rings; and the theory of fields, including finite fields, extensions, and Galois theory.


Goals:           1.  Cover the algebraic concepts and theorems which every mathematician

                          should know.

2.   Prepare Ph.D. students for the Algebra Qualifying Exam in May 2007.

3.   Develop/enhance the studentsŐ skills in proof and problem solving.

4.   Show how algebra relates to other areas of mathematics.


Exams:            Midterm Exam:  Wednesday, October 11 (in class)

                        Final Exam:  Monday, December 18, 2:00-3:00, Eads 216


Homework:  Assignments will be given out approximately every ten days. The dates of the assignments are: 9/8, 9/18, 9/27, 10/6, 10/18, 10/27, 11/6, 11/15, 11/27, 12/6.  Five designated exercises in each assignment will be collected and graded, but all of the problems should be worked.  The two lowest homework scores will be dropped in calculating the final homework score. Students are encouraged to visit office hours to get help or hints toward solving the problems.  When an assignment is made, solutions to the previous assignment will be distributed.




                                                            Office:  Cupples I, Rm 6

                                                Office hours:  T  4:00-5:00, Th 11:00-12:00



Grading:  The final grade will be based on homework and exam performance as follows.  Each studentŐs final average will be calculated as follows: 1/2 weighting will be given to the homework, 1/4 weighting to the Midterm, and 1/4 weighting to the Final.