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Washington University in St. Louis
April 28, 2007

The second meeting of the Illinois/Missouri Applied Harmonic Analysis Seminar will be held on Saturday, April 28, 2007 in Cupples I (Mathematics Department Building) on the Washington University Danforth campus.

A buffet lunch will be provided by the Washington University Math Department for all those attending the Seminar. We'll also try to have coffee available throughout the day. All of the talks will be in Room 199 of Cupples I. Coffee, small snacks, and the buffet lunch will be in the Department Lounge. Both Room 199 and the Lounge are located off the landing between the first and second floors on the east side of Cupples I.

A limited amount of money is available to assist with driving expenses. It will be much appreciated if attendees from Urbana/Champaign can arrange some carpools.

The easiest way to drive to the Washington University campus from Illinois is to cross the Mississippi River on I-55, staying in the bridge's left lane which then becomes I-64 (US-40) , proceed west on I-64 for roughly 6 miles until you reach the Clayton Avenue exit (located at the western edge of Forest Park), turn right (north) on Skinker Boulevard at the top of the exit ramp, proceed approximately 1 mile on Skinker and then turn left into the main entrance of Washington University. This entrance is between the lights at Forsyth Boulevard and Millbrook Boulevard; there are side entrances to the University off Forsyth and Millbrook if you turn too early or too late. On the divided entryway ending at the steps of Brookings Hall (large castle-like building in front of you as you turn off Skinker), there are metered parking spots at both sides. You won't need to feed the meters on Saturday. Walk up through the archway of Brookings onto the Main Quadrangle; Cupples I is the building to the right. If the metered parking spots are all occupied, park in the big lot to the left, then check in IMMEDIATELY with Ed Wilson or Guido Weiss to get a parking pass to put on your dashboard.

Washington University in St. Louis
Mathematics Department
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Phone: (314) 935-6760   FAX: (314) 935-6839.