Midwest Geometry Conference 2003

Schedules & Invited Speakers

Session I, Friday afternoon, May 30 ---Surface immersions in space
    [12:00-01:00 pm]   Snacks and registration in the Math Lounge.
    [01:00-02:00 pm]   Ulrich Pinkall(Tech. U., Berlin):  "The Riemann Surface of a Closed Space Curve"
    [02:15-03:15 pm]   Franz Pedit(U. Mass., Amherst):   "Spectral curves of 2-Tori in the 4-Sphere"
    [03:30-04:30 pm]   Udo Hertrich-Jeromin(Tech. U., Berlin):    "Remarks on the Ribaucour transformation"
    [04:45-05:45 pm]   Andrejs Treibergs (U. of Utah):    "Nonpositively curved surfaces in Euclidean space"
    [06:00 -          pm]   Dinner: informal groups. List of restaurants provided

Session II, Saturday morning, May 31 ---Geometry, analysis and probability on discrete groups
    [08:00-09:00 am]   Continental Breakfast in the Math Lounge
    [09:00-10:00 am]   Alex Furman(University of Illinois at Chicago):  "Orbit structures of group actions on measure spaces - old and new"
    [10:15-11:15 am]   David Fisher(CUNY, Lehman College):   "Non-linear representation theory of finitely generated groups"
    [11:30-12:30 pm]   Alex Eskin(University of Chicago):  "Uniform exponential growth for linear groups"
    [12:30-01:00 pm]   Box lunch in the Math Lounge.

Session III, Saturday afternoon, May 31 ---Minimal submanifolds
    [01:00-02:00 pm]   Wei-Dong Ruan(UIChicago):   "Generalized special Lagrangian torus fibrations for Calabi-Yau hypersurfaces in toric varieties"
    [02:15-03:15 pm]    Emma Carberry(MIT):   "Special Lagrangian cones in C3 over tori"(PS)
    [03:30-04:30 pm]   Bill Minicozzi(Johns Hopkins):    "Double spiral staircases in embedded minimal disks"
    [04:45-05:45 pm]   Frederico Xavier(Notre Dame):   "Global injectivity of maps and surfaces"
    [06:30-08:00 pm]   Banquet at Holmes Lounge on campus
    [08:00-09:00 pm]   Panel discussion on open problems

Session IV, Sunday morning, June 1 ---Three-manifolds, hyperbolic geometry and geometric group theory
    [08:00-08:30 am]   Continental Breakfast in the Math Lounge.
    [08:30-09:30 am]   Ian Agol(UIChicago):  "Algorithmic aspects of 3-manifold topology"
    [09:45-10:45 am]   Shelly Harvey (UCSD and MIT):   "Noncommutative Generalizations of the Alexander Polynomial of a 3-manifold"
    [11:00- 12 noon ]   David Gabai(Princeton):   "The Smale conjecture for hyperbolic 3-manifolds"
    [Noon-01:00 pm]   Box lunch in the Math Lounge

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