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April, 2015

Hodge Theory, Moduli, and Representation Theory Workshop

A new Hodge Theory, Moduli, and Representation Theory Focused Research Group will meet for a third Workshop at the Department of Mathematics of Washington University in St.Louis from April 25 to 29, 2015. The host for this meeting is Professor Matthew Kerr.

The goal of Hodge theory is to relate topological invariants of algebraic varieties to arithmetic and analytic invariants. A focus on the relationship between topological objects and analytic invariants is the main motivation for the research of this FRG. Hodge structures carry a great deal of important algebro-geometric and number-theoretical information. This group seeks to impact several areas of mathematics including number theory, algebraic geometry and representation theory.

Each morning the workshop features two talks, open to the public, by speakers including Matt Kerr (WUSTL/IAS), Wushi Goldring (WUSTL/Zurich), Phillip Griffith (IAS), and Zhiwei Yun (Stanford). Be sure to attend.

You can read more about this group's research and access the workshop schedule with abstracts at http://www.math.wustl.edu/~matkerr/FRGIII⇨

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