Wash U Graduate Program in Mathematics : Financial Aid

All current full-time students in our Ph.D. program are being financially supported. Aid usually consists of one of the following:

If you qualify for financial aid, and if you make normal progress toward your degree, the aid will usually be renewed for a total of five years.

Other forms of aid are:

A Research Assistantship is usually given to a student for one semester in the year after completion of the written qualifying exam. Final-year students who are concentrating on the writing of their dissertations may be eligible for either Research Assistantships or Dissertation Fellowships.

NSF support comes from an adviser's research grant, and a student being supported this way has no teaching duties.

Additional opportunities are available for women interested in becoming college or university professors:

Mrs. Spencer T. Olin Fellowships:These fellowships are awarded as a result of an annual competition open to all women who intend to commence graduate studies at Washington University the following fall.  Olin Fellowships carry stipends for four years and full tuition. Women wishing to become candidates for the Olin Fellowship competition are asked to complete a separate Olin application in addition to their application for admission.  Applicants must be graduates of a baccalaureate institution in the United States. For more information, call (314) 935-6818 or visit the Olin Fellowship Program website.

The Chancellor's Graduate Fellowships: These fellowships are designed to facilitate training for students who will contribute to diversity in graduate education and who are interested in becoming college or university professors. Students will be selected who, in light of all pertinent qualifications, experiences and attributes, would contribute to the diversity of graduate education at Washington University. For more information, call 314-935-6821 or visit the Chancellor's Graduate Fellowship Program website.

Other than what has been mentioned above, we have no separate application form for financial aid. To be considered for such aid, you need only check "yes" after the financial aid question on the standard application.

We will be glad to provide more information about any or all of these options. At this juncture, the important point to recognize is that means of financial support should not be a major concern when you are considering graduate study towards a Ph. D. in the Washington University Math Department. Generally speaking, if you are admitted, you are supported. Note also that not only is the financial support we give on the high end of what other universities offer, but St. Louis is a fairly inexpensive place to live.

Duties starting in your second year might include proctoring exams, grading papers, tutoring calculus students and leading discussion sections. Later on, graduate students teach their own classes in the University's summer and continuing education programs. We make an effort to require only a reasonable amount of time for such duties, so that students are free to focus as much as possible on their studies.

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