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A Friendly Guide to Wavelets and related courses by Gerald Kaiser
The Wavelet Digest maintained by Geert Uytterhoeven
Wavelet Resources of Math Dept at Yale U
Wavelet movies, softwares and papers.
UC Berkeley Wavelet Group managed by Matt Podolsky
Discovering Wavelets at Grand Valley State University has wavelet activities for undergraduates
Wavelets managed by Andreas Uhl at RIST++, Univ. of Salzburg (at)
Contains a good list of ftp and gopher sites for downloading of softwares and publications on wavelets
WashU Math Archive by the Dept of Mathematics at Washington U
Most papers (with abstracts) are on wavelets, as well as the Wavelet Packet Lab 3.03 software.
Wavelet and their application to Condition Monitoring (uk)
A good list of ftp and gopher sites, as well as commercial sites
Wavelab available from the Stanford Statistics Department, along with postscipt papers
Substantial MATLAB toolbox for wavelets with documentations
Rice Wavelet Toolbox for Matlab developed by the DSP Group at Rice U
Wavelets in Signal Processing url LIBrary by the Rice DSP Group
Wavelet group at IESL of MIT
Image Compression Using Wavelets, by Multirate Signal Processing Group at U Wisconsin @ Madison
A nice place.
Wavelet-Based Compression Solutions at infinop
Provides Lightning Strike (in java and ActiveX) and Photoshop Plugin.
Efficient Pyramid (Wavelet) Image Coder by Eero Simoncelli at CIS Dept of U Penn
Both documentation and source code are provided.
WaveLib - A Wavelet Library (fr) by Mikaël Bourges-Sévenier at Signal & Image Processing of INT (fr)
Complete source code in C & Matlab available.
Wavelets and their use in statistics (uk)
Contains links to WaveThresh software (uk) and PostScript files on wavelets.
Wavelets at Imager (ca) over Imager/GraFiC Information of the Univ. of British Columbia
Wavelets, Multiresolution, Filtering, Image Compression, etc, at European Southern Observatory
Many papers and preprints.
An Introduction to Wavelets by Amara Graps
Amara's Wavelet Page
Contains links to wavelet softwares, books, Web sites, and more.
Wavelet Page of the Department of Applied Science at Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Steven Baum's Wavelet Sources at Texas A & M Univ Oceanography
Contains links to documents, softwares, etc.
Image Compression Using Wavelets (be) at Royal Military Academy (be)
Christopher Brislawn's Wavelet Page at CIC-3 of Los Alamos National Lab
Wavelet-based compression of the FBI fingerprints
Khoros Wavelet and Compression Toolbox by CIC-3 of Los Alamos National Lab
WavBox ToolSmiths Software by Carl Taswell
Pegasus Imaging has a toolkit put together for medical imaging.
XWPL -- the X Wavelet Packet Lab by Fazal Majid (fr)
Software (in binary only) available by anonymous ftp from (/pub/wavelets/software/xwpl).
Compression par ondelettes (wavelet) at IMAGE etc... (fr)
Contains comparisons among WI, JPEG, FIF, GIF, IM4.
Wavelet Resources of MathSoft
Links to many papers.
Mac Wavelets at Sky Coyote.
One-dimensional wavelet transform, free software for Macintosh.
Aware Product Info ( WaveTool, image compression, etc.)
Aware FTP site.
Wavelets at Summus Wavelet Technology.
Contains comparison with JPEG.
Zerotree Based Wavelet Image Compression by Chris Raile at U of Kansas
Wavelets & MRA by DATA Center of ARC at NASA
S+ Wavelets 1.0 (for MS Windows & UNIX) by StatSci
Multiscale Signal Processing at EE of U of Minnesota
Wavelet Image Compression at HARC with technology team lead by Charles K. Chui
Wavelet Image Compression at McDonnell Douglas Aerospace.
Wavelet Papers by the Numerical Harmonic Analysis Group at U of Vienna (at)
Image Compression with Reversible Embedded Wavelets by the California Research Center of RICOH (jp)
Working on medical images with DICOM Group
Blue Devil's Wavelets maintained by Brani Vidakovic at Duke University
Wavelet Toolbox in Khoros 2.0.1 by Khoral Research, Inc.
Wavelet Image Compression by Jian Lu at UC Davis
Wavelets year & workshop in the School of Mathematical Sciences at Australian National U (au)
Bibliographies on Wavelets (de) -- collected by Alf-Christian Achilles (de)
Wavelets & Signal Processing by Man Kwong of Math & CS Division at Argonne National Lab
Wavelets Resources by Mirko Spasojevic at Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Wavelet Warriors by Geoff Davis at Dartmouth College
Wavelets as Signal Decomposition and Analysis Tools by Smalling at Connection Technologies.
Wavelets by Naval Surface Warfare Center
Chirplets versus Wavelets by Steve Mann at ``VisMod'' of MIT Media Lab
Mac A. Cody Associates
Wavelets (br) of LSI at U of Sao Paulo (br)
Research Paper Library at UCLA Image Processing Lab
Wavelet Information by Aimé Fournier at Yale Geology & Geophysics
WaveChip Project by Tim Edwards at Johns Hopkins U
Wavelet Seismic Inversion Lab by Zhaobo Meng at the Center for Wave Phenomena in the Colorado School of Mines.
Uvi-Wave Wavelets Toolbox (es) at Universidad de Vigo (es)
Maple Wavelet Software FTP site at Maple V of U Waterloo (ca)
Wavelet Theory and Applications (ca) at PhysNum in the Univ. of Montreal
PV-Wave at Visual Numerics, Inc.
Wavelet Group Karlsruhe (de) at Universität Karlsruhe (de)
Contains wavelet softwares and papers (de)
Wavelet Online Documentation (fr) by MIDAS (Munich Image Data Analysis System) at ESO (fr)
Usenet Compression FAQ's at OSU CIS Help System
Discrete Wavelet Transform Architectures by RASSP at U of Minnesota
Wavelets for Computer Graphics at GRAIL in U of Washington
Lionel Woog's Wavelet Page at Yale Computer Science
Wavelet-based Compression (sg) by Tham Jo Yew at the National Univ of Singapore (sg)
Compression Links by Charles Bloom at U Texas @ Austin
Test Images at Computer Vision Home Page
Short Course on Digital Image & Video Compression at Portland State U. E.E. dept.
Compression Pointers (nz) by Stuart Inglis at U of Waikato (nz)
Surfing the Wavelets at CMCM of Monash U (au)
Wavelet Group at Flinders U (au)
Dr. Ali Akansu with two books.
MC Leong's page on his research in Image Database Querying using wavelets.
Video coding group at Bath University in Bath, England has papers and MATLAB code available. They are also building a repository of Wavelet filters on the web.

FTP - Server

WashU Math Archive (wavelet papers and software) by the Dept of Mathematics at Washington U
Wavelet Toolbox in Khoros 2.0.1
Wavelet ftp-server by Dept of Mathematics at U of South Carolina
Ftp-server at Duke U
Wavelet movies, softwares and papers at Yale U
Ftp-server by CS dept at New York U
WaveBox ftp-server by Carl Taswell, an alumnus of SC-CM at Stanford U
Wavelet ftp-server for papers & Rice Wavelet Toolbox for Matlab by the DSP Group at Rice U
W-Transform Matlab Toolbox by Math & CS Division at Argonne National Lab
Wavelet Transform & Compression at NCCOSC
Wavelet Papers & Mathematica Programs at Colorado School of Mines
Wavelet Papers & Software by Applied Math at U of Colorado
Wavelet Software (ca) for Maple V at U of Waterloo (ca)
MegaWave Software (fr) at CEREMADE (fr)
Wavelet ftp-server by Chalmers Networking Group (se)
ftp-server at Goettingen Univ (de)
Uvi-Wave Wavelets Toolbox -- for Matlab (es) at Universidad de Vigo (es)
Uvi-Wave Wavelets Toolbox -- for Khoros (es) Centro de Supercomputacion de Galicia (es)


The Wavelet Digest - Reference Lists
The Wavelet Digest - Papers
Technical Reports on Wavelets & Time-Frequency Analysis (in PS) at the Stanford Statistics Department.
WashU Math Archive (mostly on wavelet) by the Dept of Mathematics at Washington U
Steven Baum's Wavelet Bibliography
Wavelet Papers at MathSoft
Bibliographies on Wavelets (de) -- collected by Alf-Christian Achilles (de)
Papers of the UC Berkeley Wavelet Group
Papers on wavelets, multiresolution, image compression, etc, at European Southern Observatory
Publications of the Multirate Signal Processing Group at U Wisconsin @ Madison
Wavelet papers from the Math Dept at Yale U
Wavelet papers from IESL of MIT
Rice DSP Wavelet Publications Archive
WavBox ToolSmiths Papers Page
Wavelet materials of Jack Cohen at Colorado School of Mines
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