Operator Analysis: Hilbert Space Methods In Complex Analysis

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We are very grateful to Orr Shalit for carefully reading the book, and catching most of the following mistakes.

P. 30, Line 17: The reference should be to von Neumann’s 1929 paper, [209].

P. 62, Line 9-: ker(\mathbb D) should be Her (\mathbb D)

P. 82, Line 4: u is a rational map from \mathbb D into \mathcal{ B(H,M)}.

P. 101, Line 9: The third term on the left-hand side should be L(\lambda - \lambda_0) \gamma.

P. 101, Line 7-: The = should be \geq.

P. 103, Line 6: \mathcal{W_{B(X)}} should be just \mathcal{W}.

P. 106, Line 1-: orthogonal projections should be orthogonal complements.

P. 114, Lines 7- to 1-: three of the \mathbb{D}^2 should be \mathbb{D}^2 \times \mathbb{D}^2.

P. 149, Line 7: h should be f in Eq. 6.6.

P. 171, Line 5: \mu should be \bar \mu.

P. 191, Line 3-: \theta_T should be \sin(\theta_T).

P. 213, Line 2: Delete “with”.

P. 217, Line 16: There should be no square on \Vert \phi \Vert_{{\mathbb D}^2}.

P. 243: “subordinate to \mathbb{D}” should be “subordinate to </small>\mathbb{D}^d.

P. 263: Line 12: It should be (10.27) that is called the primal; (10.28), using the matrix A from (10.27), is the dual problem.

P. 270: Line 18: \Delta is in SA{\mathbb M}_n^d.

P. 273: Line 13: Should be “that 0 \leq t \leq \varepsilon,”.

P. 288: Line 7-: { d \choose 2} should be {n \choose 2}.

P. 299: Line 8: “their ampliations” should be “its ampliations”.

P. 326, Line 9: add ” and B_\delta \subseteq \Omega.”

P. 332, Line 14: {\mathcal M}^d should be {\mathbb M}^d.

P. 337, Line 13: Indeed, the boundary of \Phi( Ball(a^(k), r)) is disjoint from
Ball(b^{(k)},s), so the latter must be in its interior.

P. 340, Line 3: Missing comma.

P. 346, Line2: “domain” should be “function”.

P. 350, Line 8: “dense” should be “sequentially dense”.

P. 354, Line 7-: This is bad notation. A should be \alpha
throughout the proof.  Unless \delta(0) = 0, \alpha will in
general be distinct from  A in (16.30).

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