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L24 Math 318 (Calculus of Several Variables) Syllabus

This is the class webpage and syllabus for Math 318 in Spring 2019. Any changes or updates to the syllabus will be posted here and will be announced in class.

Course Information

Course Description

Selected topics for functions of several variables involving some matrix algebra and presented at a level of rigor intermediate between that of Calculus III and higher level analysis courses. Students may not receive credit toward a mathematics major or minor for both Math 308 and 318. Prerequisites: Math 233 and Math 309 (not concurrent).

The textbook for the course is Calculus of Several Variables by Brian E. Blank. It is available as a free pdf posted on Canvas; you are welcome to print out as much of the text as you would like. However, in accordance with the author's wishes, the textbook may not be redistributed. In particular, do not post the book online.

This course approaches derivatives and integrals in a more in-depth manner than Math 233, and uses the tools of linear algebra developed in Math 309 to use, calculate, and interpret the objects. The course assumes familiarity with partial derivatives, matrix computations, vector spaces, integration over regions in the plane and 3-space, and other material from the prerequisites. We will then use these ideas to develop a unified theory of differentiation and integration on manifolds, which are the natural spaces for doing calculus. This course will serve as a bridge between the computational calculus courses and the later analysis courses that you may encounter.

In particular, some of the main goals and objectives for the course are to gain familiarity and computational fluency with

In addition to the specific content goals, you should also work on

Homework, Exams, and Grading Scale

There will be two main kinds of evaluations during this course: weekly homeworks, and exams.

Teaching and learning philosophy

There are a few core beliefs that guide my teaching, and which I hope you will find useful in your learning process:

Resources, support, and learning strategies

There are many resources available to help you succeed in the course - remember that we are here to help you get the most possible out of your time here! Here are some suggestions:

Other Course Policies and Helpful Information