X Christopher Felder


Hi, welcome to my home page. I am a graduate student in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Washington University in St. Louis.
You can find my CV here.

My advisor is Professor John E. McCarthy.

Research Interests

My primary research interests are in operator theory, complex analysis, and their interaction. In particular, I enjoy spaces of analytic functions. My work as a graduate student began with some problems involving optimal polynomial approximants, and has since morphed into a cornucopia of projects. These projects include inner functions and analogues of finite Blaschke products, the Berezin transform, and Toeplitz operators associated to constrained subalgebras. I am currently thinking about various problems in "\ell^p_A" function spaces, including multipliers and interpolating sequences.

Here's a note on a Hardy space approach to the Riemann hypothesis.


Below is a list of my math papers (as compiled by arXiv), followed by some feature stories I've written.
Please check my CV for publication status on papers and find final versions via the journal in which the paper is published.


During the 2020-2021 academic year, I was the director of the Mathematics & Statististics Online Help Room (MOHR) and mentored undergraduate teaching assistants for Math 131 and Math 132 (Calc I/II). The Mathematics and Statistics Help Room has returned to an in-person format. Info can be found here.

As Instructor Wasington University in St. Louis

  • Elementary Probability and Statistics (Math 2022) - Summer 2021, Co-instructor w/ Nathan Wagner
  • Introduction to Statistics (Math 1011) - Summer 2021, Co-instructor w/ Nathan Wagner
  • Calculus II (Math 132) - Summer 2020, 2 sections (U. College)
  • Matrix Algebra (Math 309) - Summer 2019 (U. College)


Operator Theory Talks for Early Researchers (OTTER) is organized by me, Meric Augat, Doug Pfeffer, and Meredith Sargent. OTTER aims to form a community for early researchers in operator theory, complex analysis, and related areas. You can find our webpage here .