To learn like Solon and to teach like Socrates; to guide the eager young, and find the intellectual love of comrades.

(La Rouchefoucauld spoke in praise of Plato for his knowing how to grow old.)

Quo-Shin Chi 

Soaring: picture


Department of Mathematics                           

Washington University                                   

St. Louis, MO 63130                                                                                          

Office: Rm. 210, Cupples I                                                        

Tel. #: 314-935-6757


Selected 2002 and 2005 Who's Who Among America's Teachers

Courses taught in Fall 2022:

Math 310W (Course Description is available on Canvas)

Math 318 (Course Description is available on Canvas)



Lao Tze:  Tao (The Void) generates one, one generates two, two generates three, and three generates all beings. 

Set Theory:   0 (The empty set) generates 1, 1 generates 2, 2 generates 3, and 3 (numerals) generates all mathematics.

Escher: Behold!

An anatomy of research: pictures

The magic of plastic surgery: picture


(Raphael 1509) The School of Athens 

(Let No One Ignorant of Geometry Enter)