Course: Math 309,  Matrix Algebra
Class hours: MWF 10-11am
Classroom:  January 110
Instructor: Quo-Shin Chi
Office: Cupples I, 210
Office Hours: MW 5-6pm
Textbook: Linear Algebra And Its Applications, 4th ed., by David Lay

     We will cover the entire book, skipping a few sections if time does not allow. There will be homework assignments (30%), one take-home midterm (30%), and the IN-CLASS final (40%). The overall scores will be curved with letter grades given accordingly. Since this is a higher level course, no day-by-day class schedule is given so that we can have flexibility to conduct more in-depth discussions on important topics.

      Except possibly for a couple of times, each homework assignment will be given on a Friday and will be collected the next Friday in class. The midterm will be given after the Spring Break. The final Exam will be on April 30, 8-10am, in January 110, which will constitute mostly multiple choice questions with one or two hand-written ones. The homework assignments and the midterm will be sent to you through email; you should check email regularly to be on top of things.

      Last but not least, leafing through the solution manual when the homework is due will never get you to learn mathematics; your mind's eye must take part in a decisive fashion. That is, you must do mathematics by yourself.