Course: Math 429, Linear Algebra
Classroom: Seigle 301
;   Time: MWF 12pm-1:00pm
Textook: Linear Algebra, 2nd ed., by K. Hoffman and R. Kunze
Instructor: Quo-Shin Chi;  Office: Room 210, Cupples I
Office hours:  MW 4-6pm

     This proof-oriented course is a mathematically sophisticated expansion of Math 309. I will aim at finishing the bulk of the book, and hence I will assume without much repetition of what you have already learned in Math 309. There will be several  homework assignments (30%), one take-home midterm exam (30%), and the in-class final exam (40%) scheduled on Dec. 19, 10:30am-12:30pm. Each homework assignment and the midterm will be given on a Friday, via email, except possibly for a couple of exceptions,  and it will be due the next Friday in class, except possibly for a couple of exceptions. You should check email regularly.