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Cupples I, Room 111 E. Wilson to Prof. Wilson Cupples 1  18 MWF 1:30-2:30 and by appt. 935-6729

Each class begins at seven minutes after the hour and lasts until the end of the hour. Late arrivals and early departures are disruptive for other students, so please try to avoid them. You are responsible for any material covered in class and any announcements made there.  If you have to be absent, check with a responsible friend to see what you missed.

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Various announcements may appear here from time to time as the semester unfolds.

Edward Wilson


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Click on the heading below for course information on this topic.  Also included among the headings is the Math History Site.  While not particularly relevant to this course, it has a huge amount of interesting and/or fun material.  I encourage you to browse through it from time to time.

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What Could I Do If I Majored in Math?
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