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  Professor Ron Freiwald
Professor Emeritus starting July 1, 2017

Ron Freiwald April 2005

Ron Freiwald

Office: Cupples I, 201


Meet Angus & Max

    Lat take a cat and fostre hym wel with milk
    And tendre flessh, and make his couche of silk,
    And lat hym seen a mous go by the wal,
   Anon he weyveth milk and flessh and al,
   And every deyntee that is in that hous,
   Swich appetit hath he to ete a mous.
Chaucer, The Manciple's Tale

        Introduction to Set Theory and Topology

                  Revised 2013-2014

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   Spring 2017, Math 132, Calculus II
       Fall 2016, Math 131, Calculus I

       Fall 2015  Math 309, Matrix Algebra

       Fall 2014  Math 309, Matrix Algebra

       Spring 2014  Math 4181,Topology II

Fall 2013  Math 4171, Topology I

Fall 2012: Math 309, Matrix Algebra

         Fall 2011: Math 309, Matrix Algebra
         Fall 2010: Math 131, Calculus I

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