Math 131 FL2016

In this course, we will be using iClicker technology during most lectures, so you should bring your iClicker to each class. 

Each student must have an iClicker in order to participate and to have your participation recorded: regular participation can contribute a small boost in your grade. This same iClicker might also be used in one of your other courses--for example, Chemistry 111A.

To get your iClicker   

There is no cost to you.  Before the first class on August 29, go to the Olin Library Help desk to check out an iClicker. All iClicker devices are available for checkout only for students registered in specific courses, so please be prepared to tell the circulation staff that you are registered for this course.  

The deadline to return your iClicker to Olin Library is the last day of classes for the semester: Friday, Dec. 9th, 2016. Students who do not return their iClickers at the conclusion of the semester will be charged for replacement of the device.

The iClicker comes with two AAA batteries, which should not need to be replaced during the semester. However, if batteries do need to be replaced, the student who has checked out the iClicker is responsible for replacing them.

The iClicker (or just "clicker" for short) will allow students to respond ("vote") on answers to questions posed in class. The number of questions posed will vary from lecture to lecture.  For Math 131, this is a "first-time use" of clickers and we are experimenting with how to use them in the lectures.

The clicker can record your participation on each question posed during the lecture. The questions that I pose will also be made available as a pdf file on the Daily Assignments page of the syllabus for you to look at later.Whether or not you respond with a correct answer, your regular participation can give your final score for the course a small boost. 
  • If you have participated by responding to at least 75% of the questions posed, 2% will be added to your final score in the course.
  • If you have participated by responding to at least 65% but less thatn 75% of the questions posed, 1% will be added to your total course score.
To REGISTER your clicker for this course:  This is necessary to have your clicker participation recorded.  Here's how:

Once you have checked out your clicker from the library, log in to Blackboard and click on your Math 131 course link.  In the left-hand navigation menu, click on “Tools,” then “iClicker Student Registration”.