Math 132 SP2017

In this course, we will be using iClicker technology during most of the lectures, so you should bring your iClicker to each class. 

Each student must have an iClicker in order to participate and to have your participation recorded: regular participation can contribute a small boost in your grade. This same iClicker might also be used in one of your other courses--for example, Chemistry 112A.

Get your iClicker before classes start  There is no cost to you.  Before the first class on January 18, go to the Olin Library Help desk to check out an iClicker -- these devices are available for checkout only for students registered in specific courses, so please be prepared to tell the circulation staff that you are registered for Math 132.

iClickers with additional functionality such as vibration and additional lighting are available for checkout at the Teaching Center (Eads 105) for visually impaired students.

If (for some reason?) you have an older model iClicker, please check a newer one out from the library or contact Beth Fisher at the Teaching Center to set up a time to check that your iClicker will work properly with newer iClicker software.

The iClicker comes with two AAA batteries, which probably should not need to be replaced during the semester. However, if batteries do need to be replaced, the student who has checked out the iClicker is responsible for replacing them.

The deadline to return your iClicker to Olin Library is the last day of classes for the semester. Students who do not return their iClickers at the conclusion of the semester will be charged for replacement of the device.

Register your clicker   Log in to Blackboard and click on your Math 132 course link.  In the left-hand navigation menu, click on “Tools,” then “iClicker Student Registration.”  This registration is necessary so that your participation clicks n be associated to your name.  

Use of the iClicker  The iClicker will allow students to respond ("vote") on answers to questions posed in class. The number of questions posed will vary from lecture to lecture--usually 2 or 3.

The iClicker will record your participation on each clicker question posed during the lecture. These questions will also be available later as a pdf file on the Daily Assignments page of the syllabus if you want ot look at them again.  Whether or not you respond with a correct answer, your regular participation can give your final score for the course a small boost.  You are responsible to see that you have your iClicker, with working batteries, each day.
  • For each clicker question that you respond to during the lectures, 0.03 (%) will be added to your total score at the end of the course.  I expect that there will be about 80 clicker questions throughout the course.  If you respond to, say, 50 of these questions, you will get an additional 0.03*50 = 1.5 (%) added to your final score at the end.
  • Notice that the grading scale for the whole course established up front. So even if most students earn an extra bonus point or so for iClicker participation, this doesn't make it any harder for someone who ignores iClicker participation to earn a particular letter grade.  In other words, the iClicker points are a genuine bonus, with no penalties attached.

Academic Integrity and iClickers  Conduct that violates the University's Academic Integrity policy includes, but is not limited to, asking another student to submit answers for you using an iClicker when you are not in class, and submitting answers on another student's iClicker.