132 Exam Schedule, Spring 2017
Here's the exam schedule for the course.  The dates were listed ahead of time in the Course Listing Book and in the course description in WebStac so that everyone would know the schedule when registering and not be taken by surprise.

Exam 1 Wednesday evening February 8
6:30-8:30 PM
Exam 2 Wednesday evening March 8
6:30-8:30 PM
Exam 3 Wednesday evening April 5 6:30-8:30 PM

Final Exam
Exam Period
Friday morning 
May 5, 2017
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM 
Please plan your end of semester travel reservations carefully; a conflicting travel reservation is not a valid excuse for missing the final exam.  If a parent or someone else is making your travel reservations, be sure they know your whole final exam schedule before they do it.
Links to Fall 2016 Math 132 Exams 1-2-3 (for practice)

Copies of other old exams  Many old Math 132 Exams since Spring 2001 are available online, and most of them are available both with and without solutions. All of these old exams are a good source of practice problems. Just don't assume that Exam II in another semester covers exactly the same material as will be on your Exam II, or that there won't be some differences for this semester's exams: different instructors write questions with slightly different styles and emphasis, and the textbook has frequently changed from one year to the next.

Exam Procedures

The material to be covered on each exam will be announced a few days ahead of time on the "Bulletin Board" on the main page of this syllabus.

Your exam room might be different from the regular lecture room.  On the day of the exam, you can locate your room by using the link Exam Seat. You will have an assigned seat in the exam room. You should arrive a few minutes early before the exam so that you can locate your seat. The exam proctors will help you if there's any problem.

Proctors might sometimes ask a student to occupy a seat other than the assigned one.  Please talk with a proctor if there is any serious problem with your seat.

Please note:
  • Always bring your Washington University Photo ID Card to exams. Our new exam system will require that proctors SCAN your card to associate the QR code on your exam booklet to your ID.  
  • You should bring several pencils with erasers. Do not bring any "scratch paper." There should be enough space for your work on the exam booklet.
  • At each exam, you may bring a single HANDWRITTEN 3x5 note card with any notes (on both sides) that you like.
  • For all exams and quizzes in the Math 132, no calculators of any kind are allowed. 
  • All other electronic devices (cell phones, ... ) should be turned off during exams or quizzes.  Cell phone calls, sending or reading tweets, ... , or any form of electronic messaging or lookups during an exam or quiz may be considered as a academic integrity violation.  If there is some special need to have your phone on (for example,"waiting for a call about an organ transplant"), then notify the proctor before the exam begins.

Each in-semester exam will consist of 14 multiple choice questions (worth 5 points each),  5 "true/false" questions worth 1 point each, and a hand-graded "written response" section worth 25 points. The final exam will not have a hand-graded section because of the College's required rapid turnaround time for submitting course grades. Each student's total exam score will be boosted by the same amount (if necessary) ro raise exam mean for the class to 75/100 (B).

You will mark your answers to multiple choice and T/F questions on a data card which will be machine-graded and these results posted online, usually the next day. When they're ready, you can check these exam results online: this "lookup" shows you your answer for each question and also the correct answer. Your written answers to the "free reponse" questions will be graded by hand and the results will be available within a week.  All scores will be also be posted in Blackboard.

After the machine-scored part of the exam is graded, you will have until 4 p.m. the following Monday to check with me if you think there was some problem about mismarking your answer card or other such mechanical issue.   

The hand-graded pages from the exam will be made available in the following week.  We hope that this grading will be efficient but we are trying a new exam grading system this semester--so there might be a few bugs at the beginning. 

Missed Exams: Excused and Unexcused

Legitimate excuses for missing an exam (such as verified illness, serious family emergencies, or conflicts with a religious holiday) in all calculus courses must be approved by Professor Blake Thornton  (Cupples I, 204A, 314-935-6301), preferably in advance.  Having one person approve excused absences for all sections of all the calculus courses helps to assure that all students receive fair, uniform treatment. 

If you receive an excused absence from Professor Thornton for one of the in-semester exams, please notify me. You will not take a make-up exam.  Instead, at the end of the semester a statistical formula called "multiple regression" will be used to estimate your missing score based on your performance on the other three exams. (The formula is complicated, but it takes into account the average class score on each exam and how far above or below the average you were on each exam you did take. Therefore, you're not penalized if the exam you missed was one on which other students had high scores, and you don't gain any advantage if you were excused from an exam on which scores were low.)

Students who miss the final with an excuse from Professor Thornton will need to take a make-up final at another time, probably early in the following semester.

An unnexcused absence from any exam receives a score of  "0".

Special Exam Accomodations  
Students who need special accommodations or extended time for exams must coordinate this with the Disability Resource Center.