Exams: General Information & Schedule for Fall 2015

Here is a link to my exams for this course in Fall 2012.  You can use these for practice as the course goes on.  There is no guarantee about whether these practice tests will have exactly the same balance of material or style as for fall2015, but they should be give you an idea of the kinds of questions and the overall level of difficulty. Other old exams on that web page might be useful for practice problems, but they were created by other instructors so content and style may vary.

And here is a link that takes you to some author-provided review sheets and practice exams.  These can be good for practice and
to see what the author considers important.  
 Our exams will cover similar material on those topics, but the style of questions
may be different.  
If using the practice exams from the author, be sure to check what sectuions of the textbook each exam is supposed to cover. More information about our exams will be available closer to the exam dates.

There will be two in-semester evening exams (E1 and E2) in class during the semester, and a final exam.  The in-semester exams were scheduled in the evening since it seems fairer for both sections to take the same exam.  Notice that
both in-semester exams are on Wednesday evenings. The final exam is an early morning exam.

Please check the exam schedule and room and add the exams to your calendar now so you can plan to avoid conflicts.

More information will be given later. 

Oct. 77-9 p.m.Lab Sciences Bldg, Rm 300
EXAM 2, WEDNESDAY EVENINGNov. 47-9 p.m. Lab Sciences Bldg, Rm 300

Information about the Final

Link for Practice Exams (use Math 309 Exam from FL2012)
Dec. 108-10 a.m. Room:  To be Announced
               Note: The date and time for the final exam are set by the College, not the Mathematics Department

The schedule for all exams was included in the course description in WebSTAC before you registered for the
course, so these dates and times should be no surprise for your scheduling

If other people (such as parents) are involved with making your travel reservations (for Thanksgiving or Winter Break), be sure that they know your exam schedule.  The fact that somebody has already made a plane reservation for you that conflicts with the final exam is not an acceptable reason to miss or reschedule your final.
Any questions about grading/regrading of exams (or homework papers) must be settled within one week of when the papers were returned in class.  If you delay more than a week in picking up a paper, it cannot be eligible for any reconsideration except in cases of documented illness, etc.

Academic Integrity

The preceding link gives general University policies on academic integrity.

For emphasis:  no communication of any kind -- written, oral or electronic -- is allowed between students taking an exam.  Anything that represents work that is not your own as if it were your own is an academic integrity violation.  More specific guidelines will be given before the exam about what you're allowed to have with you at your exam seat in this course.

Any violation of these guidelines may lead to a charge before the University's Academic Integrity Committee.

Please also see the comments about academic integrity for homework collaboration.