Course Grades for Math 309, Fall 2014

Your scores for WebWorK, the written homework, and the exams will be used to determine your grade for the course.

WWSCORE = WebWork Score:                        10 %      (two lowest (%) WebWorK scores are dropped)

HWSCORE = Handgraded Homework Score:   20 %      (two lowest (%) HW scores are dropped)

E1 = Exam 1 Score:        20 %
E2 = Exam 2 Score:        20 %

F   = Final Exam Score:  30 %   ( If F is larger than E1 or E2, then F will replace the smaller of E1 and E2.  But
this applies
only if you have actually taken both E1 and E1 -- that is, you can't choose to skip an exam, get a 0,
and then expect the final to replace the 0.)

Your letter grade for the course will be based on your Total Score T:

T = 0.10 * WWSCORE  +  0.20 * HWSCORE  +  0.20 * E1  +  0.20 * E2  + 0.30 * F

          I won't create a scale for converting T into a letter grade until the end of the course.  However, the following "floors" are
 90-100   A  (possibly +/-)
 80-89     B  (possibly +/-)
 65-79     C  (possibly +/-)
 50-64     D
< 50        F
          It is possible that the final grading scale will be a little more generous, but maybe not.

     If you are registered for the pass/fail grading option, then your T score will need to be at the level of  C-
or better to earn a "pass."