Course Grades for Math 309, Fall 2015

Any questions about grading/regrading of homework assignments or exams must be settled within one week of when the papers were returned in class.  If you delay more than a week in picking up a paper, it cannot be eligible for any reconsideration except in cases of documented illness, etc.

Your scores for WebWorK, the written homework, and the exams will be used to determine your grade for the course.

WWSCORE = WebWork Score (%) :                      10 %      (two lowest (%) WebWorK scores are dropped)

HWSCORE = Handgraded Homework Score (%):      20 %      (two lowest (%) HW scores are dropped)

E1 = Exam 1 Score (%) :        20 %
E2 = Exam 2 Score (%) :        20 %

F   = Final Exam Score (%) :  30 %   
        If F is larger than E1 or E2, then F will replace the smaller one of E1 and E2.  But this applies only if you have
        actually taken both E1 and E1 -- that is, you can't choose to skip an exam, get a 0, and then expect the final to
        replace the 0.)

Your letter grade for the course will be based on your Total Score T, where

T = 0.10 * WWSCORE  +  0.20 * HWSCORE  +  0.20 * E1  +  0.20 * E2  + 0.30 * F

          I won't create a scale for converting T into a letter grade until the end of the course.  However, the following "floors" are
 90-100   A  (possibly +/-)
 80-89     B  (possibly +/-)
 65-79     C  (possibly +/-)
 50-64     D
< 50        F
          It is possible that the final grading scale will be a little more generous, but maybe not.

     If you are registered for the pass/fail grading option, then your T score will need to be at the level of  C-
or better to earn a "pass."