Textbook Information for Math 309, Sections 1 and 2 (Matrix Algebra), Fall 2014

Linear Algebra and Its Applications/4E, by David C. Lay (4th edition), ISBN-13: 9780321385178
The textbook is very well-written and is a must-read to accompany the lectures. For mathematical content, the 4th edition is not much different from the 3rd edition, which is probably available cheaper.  However, as is usually the case, homework problems change in new editions (some new numbering, some new problems).  
So you will need access to the 4th edition to get the correct problems for homework assignments.

Study Guide (Optional), by David C. Lay and Judith McDonald:  ISBN 0321388836   ISBN-13: 9780321388834

I asked the Campus Bookstore to order a "bundle" that contains both the textbook and the Study Guide. It is not essential to have the Study Guide.  However, according to the publisher, the cost of the bundle to the Bookstore was only $7.50 more than the textbook sold separately (before bookstore mark-up) and the stand-alone price for the Study Guide from the publisher is $30. I've looked at the Study Guide: it's well done and I do think it can be very useful provided that you use it consistently.   If you don't buy the "bundle" at the Bookstore, then you could consider sharing a copy of the Study Guide with a friend.  

Anything else the Bookstore mentions (like My Math Lab) was simply automatically included by the publisher.  They are not needed.  Only the textbook is essential. 

The Bookstore will probably have used copies of the text available; there may also be a text "rental" option.

This link takes you to some author-provided Review Sheets and Practice Exams. You might find them useful for review. They are keyed to the 3rd edition of the text so you need to be a bit careful about whether the sections correspond exactly with the 4th edition: but, in any case, they're close. There's no guarantee that our exams will be "like" the practice exams there, but the problems still make for a good review.  In addition, they also clue you in to what the author thinks is important.