Textbook Information for Math 309, Sections 1 and 2 (Matrix Algebra), Fall 2015

Linear Algebra and Its Applications by David C. Lay, Steven Lay and Judi McDonald (5th edition),
The textbook is very well-written and is a must-read to accompany the lectures. The 5th edition is a NEW edition that appeared  in January 2015. For the mathematical material that we will cover, the presentation in the earlier edition of the textbook is probably very similar. However, new editions usually contain many new and updated homework problems.  Also, problem numbering usually also changes. So you WILL need access (purchase or borrowing from a friend) to the new 5th edition to get the correct problems for hand-in homework assignments.

For your convenience, two options should be available for you at the W.U. Campus Store

1) The hardcover textbook, bundled together with an access code for MyMathLab

MyMathLab is a collection of support materials for the course.  I think some of the materials included are helpful. These include access to the electonic copy of the book, some study guides, practice problems, and other resources.  (Although MyMathLab also contains features you probably won't use, the add-on cost to the Bookstore for bundling MyMathLab access with the book was small).

If you treat the book well, it should have some resale value after the course ends (but it is a book that might be worth keeping as a resource if you plan to do more work in mathematics or some kinds of science and engineering.).

2) Stand-alone access code for MyMathLab, which of course includes the electronic copy of the book.
I included this option because it's cheaper for you (if you're willing to work with an eBook).  Of course, this has no "resale" value when the course ends. 

In both cases, your access to the eBook should continue throughout the lifetime of this edition of the book (probably at least two more years).

Note:  If you like, you can shop around online (e.g. at Amazon) for the textbook with or without MyMathLab: it is not required to have MyMathLab. You might find a used copy of the 5th edition. Just be sure not to buy an earlier edition by accident!  ISBN numbers for textbook alone are ISBN-13: 978-0321982384 or ISBN-10: 032198238X  (interchangeable)

If you have purchased either version from the Bookstore, you should have received a personal access code for MyMathLab.  To activate,  follow the instructions at this link

Note: if you did not purchase access to MyMathLab, that is not required and, of course, you can ignore these "activation" instructions.  But the link also shows how you can add the access code if you want to.