Instructor Information Math 309, Fall 2014

Professor Ron Freiwald:  Cupples I, room 201, 314-935-6737

Fall 2014 Office Hours (only for days when University classes are in session)

Monday and Tuesday *3:30-4:30

If you find me in my office at other times, you are welcome to ask whether I'm free for a question, or to make an appointment.

It may happen occasionally that I need to change or cancel office hours.  Unless something last minute and unexpected has happened,  I will email the class in advance about any changes.*

* Changes:  

       Monday, 9/22
 I will be available 2:15-2:55 and 4:45-5:45.  (I might also be available briefly around 4:15-4:30; I have
       a short appointment at 4:30)

       Monday, 10/6,  office hours will be 8 a.m.-10 a.m.  There is an exam in the evening on 8/6, so I expanded these to 2
       hours.  The time change is necessary because I must be
at the College's Major-Minor Fair from 3:30-5.  I might also be    
       available in my
office around 5:30-6:15 (ask in class  close to the date).

       Thursday, 10/9, office hours will be 1:30-3

The following is my usual policy when students come in with questions about assigned homework problems:

1)  we can talk about the problem in general and I'll try to give you some hints and ideas to go ahead on your own, or

2)  we can talk about the problem in more detail, perhaps doing part of the calculations, etc. -- but in this case, you cannot take away any written notes. You will need to reconstruct or complete the solution yourself.