Graphing Calculators for Math 132, Spring 2003
A calculator can be a useful tool to save time and check arithmetic, but also to do calculations and explorations which would not be manageable otherwise.  However, you should not become overly dependent on your calculator.  There are basic skills in calculus which we believe you should be able to carry out "by hand."  Therefore some quizzes, tests, or parts of tests may be designated as "no calculators allowed."  (If we decide to exclude calculators on a particular test, you will be warned in advance.)

Any graphing calculator is acceptable for your personal use in study and on homework assignments.  However, some fancier calculators contain a "computer algebra system" (CAS) that allows them to perform symbolic manipulations. Calculators containing a CAS (for example, the TI-89, TI-92, HP-48 and HP-49) are not allowed at quizzes and exams.  Using one falls into the category of exam cheating and will be referred to the Academic Integrity Committee. Therefore it's wise not to become dependent on a CAS while studying.

The instructors have TI-83's and know how to use them for the purposes of this course. If you are using a different graphing calculator, you will need to figure out on your own how it works.

You should always bring your calculator to your discussion section. Whether calculators are allowed at weekly quizzes may vary from week to week.

Help using the TI-83 for calculus