Summer 2008: Camping trip in D.L. Bliss State Park (Tahoe)
Spring 2008: Mamamouth Cave
Spring 2008: Alamere falls
Winter 2007: East coast (NY,DC,Atlantic City, Peny)

Summer 2006: Moving Trip Davis--Seattle--St.Louis
Crater Lake
Olympic NP
Sleepness Seatle
Yellowstone and Great Teton


2005-2006 Hiking log 

Winter 2005: Death Valley and Utah National Parks

Thanksgiving 2005: Santa Cruize

Summer 2005: Seatle and Alaska

Winter 2004: Honeymoon in Florida.

Dec. 10-12, 2006: Wedding in Lake Tahoe

Summer 2004: Lake Tahoe with Rui

Winter 2003: Hawaii

Summer 2003: Family Reuion
Redwood National Park
San Fransico
East Coast
Happy Life

Pictures from 225

Pictures from Lin 391 classmates and Angela

Summer 2003: trip to South California
San Diego Wild Animal Park
Visiting CIT

Fall Quarter 2002:
With Tang in Tahoe View
Happy life in home
Lombard Street in SF

Spring Quarter:
with Kristina in Monterey
with Tang in San Fansico
Tang Xiang in San Fansico
Golden Gate and Fishermans' Wharf

Spring Break: camping in Yosemite
Travel View
My personal pictures
Tang Xiang

Travel in winter vacation of 2002: LA

1: in front of chinese theater
2: Las Vegas, in front of foutain
3: Las Vegas, in ceasona
4: in red rock canyon with lee fan
5: in front of Universal Studio
6: in Hallywood start street
7: in Lake Tahoe with snowman
8: in red rock canyon with tang
9: in Lake tahoe with tang (hiking on the snow)
10: in Lake tahoe with tang (sitting in the snow)
11: tang in universal studios
12: tang in lake tahoe with snowman
13: tang with yang tiang in red rock canyon
14: tang in lake tahoe hiking
15: tang in red rock canyon
16: tang Las Vegas, in front of foutain

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