Here are some of my  preprints in pdf format.

1. Construction of rank two vector bundles on Projective spaces(82kb)

2. Hilbert scheme components in characteristic two (143kb)

3. Buchsbaum bundles on Projective spaces (87kb)

4. Standard vector bundle deformations on P^n (226kb)

5. A note on cancellation of reflexive modules (151kb)

            6. On a theorem of Seshadri (211kb)

7. Vector bundles on projective spaces (112kb)

8. Arithmetically Cohen-Macaulay Bundles on Hypersurfaces (196kb)

9. Hodge Style Chern Classes for Vector Bundles on Schemes (216kb)

10. On the Geometry of Generalised Quadrics (163kb)

11. Generators for vector bundles on generic hypersurfaces (176kb)

12. Some Remarks on Prill's Problem (167kb)

13. Four-by-Four Pfaffians (157kb)

14. Arithmetically Cohen-Macaulay bundles on Three dimensional hypersurfaces (178kb)

15. Construction of low rank vector bundles on P^4 and P^5 (206kb)

16. Monads on Projective spaces (156kb)

17. Degenerating families of rank two vector bundles (167kb)

18. Remarks on Unimodular rows(157kb)

19. Graphical Representation of rings via automorphism groups (197kb)