Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) for Calculus Courses

What is PLTL?

Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) is a valuntary supplement to your calculus experience at Washington University. A small group of students meets with one leader for two hours each weekend. The leader is an older student who has been identifies as a having the skills required to help the group. Together, the group works through a problem set that has been developed by the program coordinator with approval from the professor of the course. Each problem set is designed to encourage students to use various problem-solving techniques while working alone, in pairs and in larger groups.

PLTL Calendar

  • When can you apply for a spot in CalcPLTL?
  • When do groups meet?
  • What is the schedule over break and around exams?
  • When can you apply to be a PLTL leader for the next school year?


Summer Courses begin on June 13, 2011. The complete listing of day (L24) and evening (U20) courses is available at WuCrsL .

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