D-module seminar

Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

Cupples I, Room 6, 4:00-5:00 PM (Fridays)

Date Speaker Title
Sep. 6 M. Kerr Brief overview
Sep. 20 H. Deng Left and right D-modules
Sep. 27 H. Deng Symbols and characteristic variety
Oct. 4 H. Deng Inverse and direct images
Oct. 18 H. Diaz Categories of D-modules
Oct. 25 H. Diaz Inverse images II
Nov. 6 (Wed.)
4-5, Rm. 199
K. Paranjape An algebraic approach to D-modules
Nov. 13 (Wed.)
4-5, Rm. 199
K. Paranjape Direct images II
Jan. 24 M. Kerr Motivic gamma functions

Intersection Homology seminar talks
(Fall 2018 -- Spring 2019)

Date Speaker Title
Sep. 10,17,24 M. Kerr Overview of IH/Perverse Sheaves
Oct. 1 B. Castor Sheaves
Oct. 8 B. Castor/S. Sinha Babu Sheaves and Categories
Oct. 22 S. Sinha Babu Sheaves and Categories (concl.)
Oct. 29 H. Deng Complexes of Sheaves
Nov. 5 H. Deng Godement and Cech
Nov. 26 T. Sasaki Homotopy and Injectives
Dec. 3 S. Sinha Babu Derived Categories (I)
Dec. 10 S. Sinha Babu Derived Categories (II)
Jan. 28 H. Deng Stratifications
Feb. 4 S. Sinha Babu Stratifications and Poincare duality
Feb. 11 B. Castor Constructible Sheaves
Feb. 13 M. Kerr Constructible Sheaves (cont'd.)
Feb. 18 T. Sasaki Intersection homology
Feb. 25 S. Sinha Babu Coefficients and truncation
Mar. 4 S. Sinha Babu More on truncation
Mar. 18 M. Kerr IC and perverse sheaves
Mar. 25 H. Deng Perverse sheaves: examples
Apr. 1 H. Deng Nearby and vanishing cycles
Apr. 8 M. Kerr Quivers and t-structures
Apr. 17 M. Precup Decomposition theorem and Springer correspondence