PIMS Postdoctoral Training School on Stochastic Dynamics and Hodge Theory

Invited Speakers

C. J. Bott (TAMU)
Dawei Chen (Boston/IAS)
Xi Chen (Alberta)
Matteo Costantini (Frankfurt)
Yu-Wei Fan (Harvard)
Patricio Gallardo (WUSTL)
Andrew Harder (Lehigh)
Fei Hu (UBC)
James Lewis (Alberta)
John Lesieutre (Penn State)
Chaya Norton (Concordia)
Peter Whang (MIT)
Fenglong You (Alberta)


This gathering of algebraic geometry postdocs and faculty is loosely organized around exploring the interface between Hodge theory and dynamics in one form or another (incl. Lyapunov exponents, unlikely intersections, and complex dynamics).


Charles Doran (Alberta)
Matt Kerr (WUSTL)
Gregory Pearlstein (TAMU)

Central Academic Building, University of Alberta, Edmonton, CANADA
The math department is located on the 4th-6th floors.
Talks are in CAB 657, except for Tu/Th afternoon (CAB 457).