PIMS Postdoctoral Training School on Stochastic Dynamics and Hodge Theory


Talks will be held in CAB 457 (Tu/Th afternoon) and CAB 657 (all other times), and begin at the exact time posted. (The posted times include time for questions, since in some cases we must vacate the room by the end of the posted time.) There is also a breakout room for discussions (CAB 572), available all week from 8am-6pm. Click here for abstracts.

Monday, March 11:
        10:30-11:30 P. Gallardo     On compact moduli spaces
        11:30-1:00     lunch
        1:00-2:00 X. Chen     Rationality of multi-variable Poincare series
        2:00-5:00     discussion
Tuesday, March 12:
        9:00-10:00 C. J. Bott     Mirror symmetry for K3 surfaces
        10:30-11:30 Y.-W. Fan     Categorical entropy of autoequivalences on Calabi-Yau
        11:30-2:00     lunch
        2:00-3:00 F. You     Mirror symmetry and relative Gromov-Witten theory
        3:30-4:30 D. Chen     Counting geodesics on flat surfaces
        4:30-6:00     discussion
Wednesday, March 13:
        8:00-9:00 G. Pearlstein     Transcendental algebraic geometry
        10:00-11:00 C. Norton     Variational formulas for the period matrix and cusps of
   Shimura-Teichmuller curves
        11:00-12:30     lunch
        12:30-1:30 M. Costantini     Lyapunov exponents and moduli spaces of flat bundles
        1:30-5:00     discussion
Thursday, March 14:
        9:00-10:00 M. Kerr     Hodge theory of degenerations
        10:30-11:30 A. Harder     Tori and the weight filtration
        11:30-2:00     lunch
        2:00-3:00 J. Lesieutre     Numerical dimension revisited
        3:30-4:30 F. Hu     Dynamical degrees on abelian varieties in positive
        4:30-6:00     discussion
Friday, March 15:
        8:00-9:00 J. Lewis     TBA
        10:00-11:00 P. Whang     Diophantine analysis on moduli of local systems
        11:00     departure