Contact Information

Office: Cupples I Room 213
        WUSTL Dept. of Mathematics
        MSC 1146-11-100
        1 Brookings Drive
        St. Louis, MO 63130

Email:  nlesnevich[at]wustl[dot]edu

About Me

I will be joining the Oklahoma State University Department of Mathematics as a Postdoctoral Fellow in Fall 2024!

I received my Ph.D. in Mathematics in 2024 from Washingon University in St Louis, under the advisement of Martha Precup and John Shareshian.
I received my undergraduate degree in Mathematics and in Computer Science from Bucknell University in 2019 where I was advised by Peter McNamara.

I organized the 2023 Gradute Student Combinatorics Conference, and regularly attend (formerly co-organize) the WashU Combinatorics Seminar.

  • Nate Lesnevich