Hi, I'm Richard Rochberg. I'm a Professor in the Mathematics Department at Washington University in St. Louis.

 The Department lives in Cupples I, a nice old building built in conjunction with the 1904 World's Fair (~260k). 

My research is in analysis; more specifically I work on the interactions between function theory, harmonic analysis and operator theory.

 I am on the editorial board of The New York Journal of Mathematics, an electronic mathematics journal.

 I have two children, Daniel and David. Here is a picture of the three of us taken by my wife, Nan, in 1992. Daniel is on the left, David in the middle, I'm on the right. Here is a picture (112k) she took of me in the fall of 1994. Nan's home page is still in the planning stage.

You can contact me by mail at:

Campus Box 1146
Washington University
St. Louis MO 63130
My office phone is (314)-935-6799 and my e-mail address is rr@math.wustl.edu.

I live a quarter mile from the University City Loop .

PS files .