Math 493 - Probability Theory - Fall 2011

Topics covered:
        Mathematical theory and application of probability at the advanced undergraduate level; a calculus based introduction to probability theory. Topics include the computational basics of probability theory, combinatorial methods, conditional probability, Bayes´ theorem, random variables and distributions, expectations and moments, the classical distributions, and the central limit theorem.

Prerequisites: Math 318 or Math 308
Time and Location: Mon,Wed,Fri  2:00-3:00   --   Brown Hall  Rm 118
Professor: Prof. S. Sawyer   --   Cupples I  Room 107
Phone: (314) 935-6703   --   Send email to Prof Sawyer
Textbook: DeGroot, Morris, and Mark Schervish, Probability and Statistics, 4th edition, Addison-Wesley Publ.
(The course will cover Chapters 1-6.)
Note: The answers to most odd-numbered problems in the text are in the back of the textbook.
Office Hours: Monday 3:30-4:30    Office:  Rm 107 Cupples I
Or email for an appointment at another time.
Anytime that I am in my office and not talking with someone else is also OK.
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Find all the prime factors of a number:

Exams, Homework Sets, and Grades:
        There will be graded homework sets, an in-class midterm examination on October 26, 2011, and a final. The relative weights for the final grade of the homework, midterm, and the final will be determined shortly. Cr means D or better if you elect ``Credit/No Credit.''

        Collaboration on homework is allowed and can be helpful (and fun). However, you must do all written work by yourself. If you collaborate with someone(s) on a homework, list his or her name(s) in a note at the top of the first page of your homework.

        Make a copy of your homework before you hand it in!
        It may not be returned before the next test, or before you need to refer to it for the next homework.

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