Mathematica Josephina

Mathematica Josephina, Inc. is a corporation that is dedicated to mathematical publishing. It is the publisher of record of The Journal of Geometric Analysis (JGA).

Steven G. Krantz is the President of Mathematica Josephina.

Randi D. Ruden is Vice President of Mathematica Josephina. For general editing, rhetorical analysis, and research, contact her at (314) 862-1431.

Hypatia S. R. Krantz is the Social Secretary of Mathematica Josephina.

Mathematica Josephina is a private corporation dedicated to the development and publication of mathematics of all kinds. We are interested in mathematical research, mathematical exposition, books, journals, electronic media, and other devices of communication. We want to be on the forefront of modern means of mathematical communication. One of Mathematica Josephina's foremost products today is the Journal of Geometric Analysis . Steven G. Krantz is Founder and Managing Editor of the journal. He oversees all editorial operations. Springer Publishing handles printing, binding, distribution, archiving of the subscription list, and other clerical aspects of the process.

A new product of Mathematica Josephina is the journal Complex Analysis and its Synergies (CASY). This is a Springer Open Access journal. With a very distinguished Editorial Board, the goal of CASY is to provide a forum for mathematical work that exhibits the interaction of complex analysis with other parts of mathematics. It is an exciting enterprise, and a worthwhile one. We are interested in complex analysis papers of all kinds: high level research, expository papers, historical papers, and other types as well. We look forward to strong submissions from across the profession. See

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Journal of Geometric Analysis

Complex Analysis and its Synergies