Math 5043 Spring 2015

Lectures: MWF 11am-12noon Room 207 Cupples I

Instructor: Songhao Li        Office: 207A Cupples I

Phone: (314)935-4208        email:

Office Hour: MW 1pm-2pm or by appointment

Grader: Chris Cox

Course Webpage:

Textbook: Algebraic Topology by Allen Hatcher

We will cover most, if not all, of the following topics:

-- Fundamental group;

-- Homology

If time permits, which is not likely the case, we will also cover selected topics in cohomology.



Homework            20%

Test 1 (Feb 16)        20%

Test 2 (Mar 23)     20%

Final (May 4)        40%

Note: For those of who will write the final exam as the department qualifying exam for geometry, the exam will be 3 hours, instead of 2 hours.

Morevoer, the qualifying exam will cover topics that is covered in Math 5041 in Fall 2014.



There will be approximately 6 homework assignments.

Assignment 1   TeX

Assignment 2   TeX

Assignment 3   TeX

Assignment 4   TeX

Assignment 5   TeX

Assignment 6   TeX