Obtaining Utility Software and Plug-ins

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LibreOffice is a free package of office software supporting word processing, spreadsheet calculations, and presentations. Versions for various computers are available at LibreOffice.org.

Maxima (Macsyma)

Maxima is the current open-source implementation of Macsyma, a computer algebra system developed in the 1960s.

R statistical data analysis [.txt,.R]

Gnuplot data graphing [.txt,.asc,.dat]

TeX previewers [.dvi, .tex]

PostScript previewers [.ps, .eps]

Compressed file archive expanders [.zip]

GNU file compressor/expander [.gz]

ANSI C Compilers [.c,.h]


An old version of MatLab, from 1982, is in the public domain.


Octave is a freeware imitation of MatLab.

F2C [.f]

This is a FORTRAN to C translator available in the public domain as C source code. It may be used to convert FORTRAN (.f) source files into C on computers lacking a FORTRAN compiler.
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